Keira Floral, a Beautiful Coincidence

April 27, 2018

- An interview with Lowee, Founder of Keira Floral


When Lowee saw pretty pictures of floral arrangements on Instagram, she wanted to create such nice Instagram feeds for herself. Kick-starting Keira Floral since then, the floral company has built a decent Instagram followership of 7.6k today, within a short time frame of 2 years.


Looking back, Lowee recalled her challenges faced when she became an entrepreneur and ways she coped with them.



“I didn’t have any proper floristry training to begin with. My family did not think it was practical for me to do something that was not relevant to what I studied in university but I was eager to prove them wrong and that became my motivation. I was eager to see results. I worked hard and fast to get my company’s website up and running and I devoted time to experiment with florals, lots of trial and error.”


Just when we thought it is dreamy to work alongside pretty flowers everyday, and that it should not be that hard to put together a bunch of flowers, it seems that working as a floral artist is no less stressful than any other industry. 


[korea arrangement pic]


“In floral arrangements, there is no right and wrong and that is tricky because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I get very anxious thinking whether what I have crafted is good enough and I often imagine the worst case scenarios that could ever happened. Eventually though, when I had more portfolio showcased online, you realize that the clients you attract are people who like your styles. As long as you are relatively consistent in the works you produce, you should not be too far off from what clients are looking for. I always tell myself to just craft the best to my ability and in that way I know that my conscience is clear.”


One may think that such a drive behind Lowee’s motivation must have been her passion for flowers. You will be surprised to hear otherwise.


[Tasmania pics]


“When I started, I merely wanted to have a beautiful Instagram feed with flowers, like those I saw online. Along the way while building Keira Floral, when challenges are hard, I started questioning myself. I did not think that I had a passion for flowers that would be strong enough to keep me going in this business, unlike most florists. My changing point was when I went on a family trip to Tasmania, and at Mt. Cradle, looking at how the mountain roads wind and random floral and fauna grow, how quirky they look…it was so peaceful there. I realized that I didn’t have a love for flowers but I love Nature and perhaps getting to work with Nature’s materials is already a huge blessing


People always think that you first need passion in order to start something or to know what your goals in life are. And when we don’t feel that passion igniting in us, we may feel like we have not really figured out what to do with our lives and we just keep waiting for that one day to come where we may wake up and say ‘hey I’ve got a passion now and I’m gonna start working on it’ For some of us, that day has been taking long to come and we never really get down to doing something we can call our own. I think being passionate about something is not only way to life. We can remain interested, curious, be explorers of life and that itself presents a whole new adventure ahead.”


[SG work pics]


If you have always been thinking about starting something on your own, we asked Lowee on what advices she has for budding entrepreneurs in the crafting/wedding industry.


“It is good to first calculate the costs and risks needed to start your own crafting business. However, if your situation allows, don’t dwell too much on what may go wrong as you may end up with too many reservations, preventing you from even getting started. Many are afraid of failures so staying in their comfort zone that comes with stability and predictability always seems like a better choice.  Nonetheless, it may not be a bad idea to dive head in and solve challenges that comes your way thereafter. Cus no amount of planning and anticipating can prepare you enough of the entrepreneur challenges ahead unless you finally dipped your toes in it. That’s when you have a real idea of running your dream business and you problem solve issues, grow from there and decide if that’s really what you want. Afterall, if you never try, you’ll never know. More importantly, always be your greatest critique of your work and strive for improvements.”


With the wedding season slowly starting again, we certainly look forward to even more beautiful creations from Lowee and her team and new milestones achieved.

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